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The Blood of a Dragon: A Legend of Ethshar

January 29, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I've been a fan of Lawrence Watt-Evans for more than 25 years, ever since I stumbled across his first Ethshar novel "The Misenchanted Sword" in my school library. Since then I've tracked down pretty much every one of his books and I eagerly await each new release. Ethshar is a classic fantasy world with magic, monsters and some really great storytelling.

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Light hearted and fun, they still make you think. Stone Unturned has some new ideas and new writing techniques for Ethshar. Multiple character viewpoints from different eras all eventually blend together into one unified tale. Some more great exploration of the authors clever ideas around magic systems and some fun new world building.

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A great stand alone story if you've never read his other works and one to draw you into his world. For long time fans its yet another great tale. August 2, - Published on Amazon. Best Ethshar story in years, full novel sized and packed with awesome.

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Great characters, complex and layered plot, and of course lots of magic. More adult-oriented story than some early works, focusing on journeyman-age and adult characters. Appearances by previous favorites such as Ithinia of the Isle. We get a closer look at demonology and wizardry and how they can clash; some previously hinted-at wizard spells are defined and explained, including wards and powder preparations. More witchcraft also. What happens when a master wizard and demonologist feud? How does the Guild handle a powerful rogue wizard?

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Just how far can some wizard spells be taken? And what happens to a journeyman wizard, an apprentice witch, and an ordinary but clever pauper caught in the middle of all this? Read and find out. This is an absolute must for Ethshar fans, and should be very enjoyable for anyone who likes clever, detailed fantasy.

June 13, - Published on Amazon. I have read just about everything Watt-Evans has written.

I love his writing style and that he always provides a strong POV for the reader even if there are multiple one as we have here. I will admit that I started and stopped on the first few pages, but a couple of chapters it the book grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Everything I love about the Ethshar books is here. Currently, the most influential country of the world is the Hegemony of Three Ethshars, which defeated the evil, magic wielding Empire of the North, while the former Ethshar Old Ethshar split into hundreds of tiny kingdoms. There's trade, war and pirates But above all there are magic users.

Ethshar is home of dozens of magic specialists and various kinds of magicians - there's six most powerful ones, and dozens of lesser ones like necromancy or alchemy. Wizardry - Wizardry taps into essentially the Chaos of the World, and therefore is thought to be the most powerful kind of magic. A skilled wizard can, if he knows a specific spell, turn frogs into princesses, create illusions, enchant swords, create castles in alternate dimensions or achieve immortality.

Most of their spells use a magical dagger called an athame, as well as material components like blood of a virgin or dragon's tongues. Sorcery - Sorcery uses the Order from outside the world and is based on creating enchanted objects that cast spells. They manufacture many powerful devices that can sometimes be used even by the mundanes.

Some resemble high-tech devices, others are simply magical. Warlockry - Warlockry is essentially sufficiently advanced telekinesis, extending to manipulating small objects, or even on the molecular level electrokinesis, pyrokinesis. They also have some Psychic Powers related to sensing the structure and presence of matter. Warlocks derive their power from a mysterious Source, but when they become powerful enough, it summons them, never to be seen again.

Series: Legends of Ethshar

Witchcraft - Witchcraft is psionics - including mind reading, telekinesis or pyrokinesis - which doubles with warlockry. The power is derived from witch's own strength; doing something by witchcraft is exactly as tiring as doing the same task by mundane means.

Consequently witchcraft lacks raw power. On the other hand, witches can use their power in more subtle and efficient ways since they have better extra-sensory perception. Furthermore, witchcraft is quite versatile - witches can even use some basic spells! Unusually, witchcraft isn't gender-specific; both male and female practitioners exist and both are called witches.