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Would I be in the market to buy? Absolutely not. Does its DNA resonate with my passion for reduction and simplicity? Do I think they make some incredible objects that set hearts racing? Any logical discussion around the size of that crown or the price kind of need to go out the window.

One thing is for sure, there are enough crazy cats out there to make this reference an overnight sensation, and, given its availability, we will no doubt see similar boutique-only editions down the line.

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Diameter: 42mm Thickness: Diameter: For more, click here. October 07, Red and gold dice set is the obvious choice of color scheme because these are the colors of Glorantha Bestiary book cover. This is our tribute to the next great book for this setting. This is ultimate rulebook about slaying the fantastic beasts in the world of Runequest.

With this blood-red dice you can hunt all what you want and be the hero of Fantasy Bronze Age. Yes, we support Ancient Myth, but today Rune Masters are just as important as gamers from every generation of fans.

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We believe in the great success of RuneQuest now, because this is really the Great Game and best edition ever. Some people wondered why we have so many Dragon Dice in our offer. First time? Create an account! Sign in. Already registered? Sign In!

Color gold - color gilding: Rose / pink /red / brown gold plating issues

A confirmation email has been sent to your address. Available Colors. Dice color. Painting color. Weight approx.