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Laclau: A Critical Reader by Taylor & Francis Ltd (Paperback, 2004)

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Paperback : Hardback : Simon Critchley , Oliver Marchart. Laclau: A Critical Reader is the first full-length critical appraisal of Laclau's work and includes contributions from several leading philosophers and theorists.

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  6. The first section examines Laclau's theory that the contest between universalism and particularism provides much of the philosophical background to political and social struggle, taking up the important place accorded to, amongst others, Hegel and Lacan in Laclau's work. The final section investigates the place of hegemony in Laclau's work, the idea for which he is perhaps best-known.

    This stimulating collection also includes replies to his critics by Laclau and the important exchange between Laclau and Judith Butler on equality, making it an excellent companion to Laclau's work and essential reading for students of political and social theory.