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The Millennium is the term used to indicate the yet future Dispensation when The Lord Jesus Christ will personal reign on the present earth, as foretold in Revelation. See chart of Dispensations. This Age is also know as the Kingdom Age which describes the age according to its purpose rather than just using Millennium that merely indicates the time during which it.

There are many misguided interpretations as what the Millennial Kingdom will be including:. Synonymous with the visible organized church, so that the church becomes the kingdom, thus making the kingdom both spiritual and political. Given the varying views of men we must, as always go to the Bible to understand the truth of the Millennial Kingdom, of which it says is a precise 1, year time frame in which the Lord Jesus Christ will personally reign on earth over an earthly kingdom, Rev The fact of a Millennium was held by all evangelical teachers until recent centuries, when the teachings of Postmillennialism and Amillennialism came to be received by some.

As a consequence there are today three general millennial theories including:. Postmillennialism which took shape as a result of the teachings of Daniel Whitby, in England.

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Though believing with the Early Church that the kingdom would come at the second advent of Christ, Whitby went on to state that by the present gospel agencies every evil in the world would be corrected until Christ should have a spiritual reign over the earth and continue that reign for a thousand years, at which time His second advent would occur and He come back to set up the judgment and close the present order.

The majority of those who previously believed this theory have drifted over to a second current theory. Amillennialism or nonmillennialism , which theory teaches that there will be no millennium other than that which supposedly is in progress at the present time. They incorrectly hold that the thousand years mentioned in Rev 20 is a symbolic number, not a literal description, that the millennium has already begun and is identical with the current church age, or more rarely, that it ended with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, a. This theory is born out of the theology of Roman Catholicism which teaches that the church is the kingdom and therefore is reigning or should be reigning now.

This position was espoused by the late B. Warfield of Princeton and is held by many teachers of theology in seminaries today. Premillennialism , what we believe , teaches that the present age increases with evil and ends in judgment at the second advent of Christ, when He will set up His kingdom and reign with righteousness for a thousand years. The length of the reign is not the important thing, but the fact that the Church will reign with Him as His Bride. It should be remembered that the millennium is not heaven.

On the contrary, it is to be characterized by a limited amount of evil which Christ the King will judge perfectly and immediately, Isa Neither is it the new earth which God will yet create after the millennium, Isa ; ; 2 Peter ; Rev Instead they are participants in His reign, Rev This kingdom is seen to be:. Himself born of a virgin in Bethlehem of Judea. His will to be done in earth as it is done in heaven, see Isa ; ; His blessed reign will be over regathered and converted Israel and extended through them to the nations.

This age will see the complete fulfillment of all the covenants that God made with Israel and the Millennial Age is instituted out of necessity in order to fulfill the covenants. The Old Testament was occupied with national promises and programs and not primarily individual expectation.

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The New Covenant , Jer The promises of the New Covenant of a new heart, the forgiveness of sin, the filling of the Spirit are fulfilled in the converted nation in the Millennial Age, Jer ; ; Ezek ; ; ; Rom All the spiritual blessings Israel receives are fulfillment of this covenant. Therefore, the Millennial Age is the beginning of the fulfillment of all that God promised to the nation Israel.

A number of other reasons are given why this theocratic kingdom is an absolute necessity. It is necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the character of God since He has promised Israel these things and has foretold of them.


It is necessary to restore the original harmony between God and His creation, between the supernatural and the natural. It is necessary in order to redeem the earth from the curse imposed upon it due to sin, Rom It is necessary in order to provide a final test of fallen humanity. It will be demonstrated through those who are born in the Millennium with a fallen, sinful nature that man is corrupt and worthy of judgment.

In spite of the visible presence of the King and all the blessings that come from Him, by rebellion at the termination of the millennium, Rev , men will prove that the heart is corrupt. It is necessary to make a full manifestation of the glory of Christ in the kingdom over which He rules.

The role of Church Age believers during the Millennium. There has been general confusion, even among premillennialists, concerning the relationship that would exist during the Millennial Age between the resurrected and translated saints of the Church Age, the resurrected saints of the Old Testament, the resurrected saints of the Tribulation and the living saints from the Tribulation among both Jews and Gentiles who pass into the Millennium.

It has been recognized that the Church would reign as a wife with Christ. The Old Testament saints including resurrected Tribulation saints , it is agreed, are to be resurrected and rewarded in that age, which includes leadership or ruling positions for some. As stated above the church will be the wife of our Lord at this time. As such we will share in all that our Lord is doing.

As bride and consort, then wife, the Church will rightfully share with Him in His reign, Rev ; ; Psa compared with 2 Tim ; Rev ; ; ; The purpose of this present Age, Church Age , evidently, is not to form a kingdom by securing subjects of the King: it is the calling out and perfecting into His very image those who will be co-reigners with Him in His yet future kingdom, Rev ; The queen is never a subject of the king: her place is to share with him his authority and glory and to rest in the bosom of the bridegroom in the palace of the king.

As members of His body we are the visible representatives of the Head and the instruments of His manifestation and service, and as the Bride of the Lamb we are yet to share in and manifest the ineffable glory and majesty of the Bridegroom-King. Therefore, the church will be with Him and share His glory and reign. Our occupation will not be with our position or glory but with God Himself. Behold, He is coming with the clouds , and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be.

Conditions existing within the Millennium for those on the earth.

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The fu ness of joy will be a distinctive mark of the age Isa. The land will be holy, the city holy, the temple holy, and the subjects holy unto the Lord Isa ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Jer ; Ezek ; ; ; ; Joel ; Zeph , 13 ; Zech. The kingdom will be a glorious kingdom, In which the glory of God will find full manifestation Isa ; ; ; ; The King will personally minister to every need, so that there will be the fullness of comfort in that day Isa ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Jer ; Zeph ; Zech.

The ministry of the King will bring the subjects of His kingdom into full knowledge. Doubtless there will be an unparalleled teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Isa , 9; ; ; Hab This knowledge will come about through the instruction that issues from the King Isa a; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Jer ; ; Mic The removal of the curse. The original curse placed upon creation Gen will be removed, so that there will be abundant productivity to the earth. Animal creation will be changed so as to lose its venom and ferocity, Isa ; ; ,.

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  6. Sickness removed. The ministry of the King as a healer will be seen throughout the age, so that sickness and even death, except as a penal measure in dealing with overt sin, will be removed Isa ; Jer ; Ezek Healing of the deformed. Accompanying this ministry will be the healing of all deformity at the inception of the millennium Isa ; ; ; Jer ; Mic ; Zeph. Freedom from oppression.

    No immaturity. The suggestion seems to be that there will not be the tragedies of feeble-mindedness nor of dwarfed bodies in that day Isa Longevity will be restored. Eternal life begins in time, 2 Cor You cannot get eternal life in eternity; you have to get it now. Eternal life belongs only to the believer. The three categories of eternal life do not apply to the unbeliever, who is described by John Eternal life belongs only to the believer who is never without a body. You always have a body with your eternal life.

    Rewards and Eternal Life. Much Scripture sustains the truth that rewards are to be given to faithful believers for their service while in the world, 1 Cor ; ; 2 Cor ; Rev ; These rewards are to be bestowed by Christ from His judgment seat in heaven, after the Rapture of the Church and the believer has been received into heaven.

    New Life Church | The Gospel of John

    The Marriage of the Lamb, Rev In Verse 7 we have a miss translation. In the N. It was completed at the Rapture of the Church when the Lord bridegroom , comes and takes His bride which is when she becomes His wife. There was no such thing as a marriage ceremony in ancient Israel as we have today.

    After a time there would then be a great wedding feast. The moment that the believer received Jesus Christ as his savior, that is the moment the marriage contract is entered into. Also in the ancient world, often the bride and the groom were not acquainted until the groom picked the bride up in the chariot and brought her to his home.

    Because they were not acquainted, the friends of the bride and the friends of the groom had to become acquainted with each other. Therefore, there was one big party that lasted for a week or ten days, and in some cases a month called the marriage supper of feast. The analogy here: the groom picking up the bride in the air the Rapture or Resurrection of the Church , 1 Thes So at the Rapture when our Lord picks us up and gives us our resurrection body we are taken to His Father house, heaven, and we are married to the Lord. Then there is the wedding banquet.

    The friends of the bride are waiting outside. Once the groom has arrived with the bride, then you have the wedding banquet. This coincides with the Second Advent of our Lord when He reveals us to the entire world. Theime Jr. The groom, who at that time will rule the earth, is coming to His castle with His bride, the Church Age believers, and the friends of the groom are the Old Testament saints and Tribulational saints and martyrs. The wedding, therefore, occurs in heaven.

    The marriage supper or wedding feast occurs on earth and is the Millennium.

    Chronological Order. Prior to the Rapture the Church is still anticipating this union. Thus the marriage itself must be placed prior to the Judgment Seat of Christ. The Place of the Marriage can only be in heaven.