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Music Opportunity Program.

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Music Opportunity Program Foundation - Board of Directors MOP is a c 3 nonprofit organization, and as such it is is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Steven J. Prior to his administrative appointment, he served for 17 years as Chair of Instrumental Music and Director of Bands at Samford University, four years as Woodwind Coordinator at Howard Payne University, and five years as a public school band director in Arkansas and Texas. You need to be a good networker and a good collaborator.

And you need to be prepared to make your living through several income streams rather than one job. I have a college degree in business and also a post graduate diploma in Human resources. I also have a band, modern alternative rock, but have never learned or studied or trained. I have a day job and now i feel music is what i want to do. Our band recently won the Channel V launchpad national finals. But I am from India and its getting really difficult.

What are you lacking that would help you be better equipped to do what you want to do? We suggest talking with music teachers who are actively working in the music industry.

What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

With your business background, you are likely to have some very useful skills to apply as well. I want to do something where I can constantly be around bands, like a tour manager or something along the lines of that. Check out our Music Industry articles to learn more. Hello, I just read your tips and found your site which has lots of useful things for musicians. I know that music industry is a really competitive industry and nowadays everyone want to make a big profit out of music.

I am currently junior in high school. I play piano classical music for 10 years and I taught myself flute and guitar and been singing for years, also I have lots of experience in performing arts such as dancing. But my goal is to become professional solo artists where I can explore every genre, kinds of music. My parents are very supportive but they insist that I need to pursue music education by choosing music piano performance major.

What are the choices I have? Can you suggest some options to me. Getting a strong foundation under you for whatever kind of music you end up performing will serve you well. Music theory, history, aural skills, applied lessons on your main instrument s , lots of practice, and life experiences will all inform your music. Check out our articles on popular music and music industry and share this with your parents: Does Your Student Want to Major in Popular Music?

My name is Eric and I am currently a sophomore in college. All throughout I was very passionate about music, and had typical youngster dreams of being a rock star. I was a decently accomplished cellist and Principal Cellist in the orchestra at the Mannes Pre-college program. I have taken piano lessons throughout all of my childhood, and am self taught in guitar, bass, and violin.

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I had also developed an interest in music recording and production in high school. I had even gotten into Carnegie Mellon for Cello performance but at the last minute decided not to go due to the fear of the lack of financial stability. I instead decided to go study pre-med at a relatively top-tier academic university. I currently regretting my decision more and more every day and am getting a bit depressed. If this gets worse should I drop out and try to get into a music education, or recording, or business program? Should I finish my degree here studying something else?

Could a liberal arts music major help me at all?

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Know that confusion about your major and your future career plans is very normal. It sounds like music is more important to you than you first realized when you made your school choice. What else can you do to bring more music into your life in college? We encourage you to read this article: Music or Medicine? Great Tips for Doing Both. It may be helpful. All the time I spend studying at this rigorous school is chipping away at time I could spend practicing or developing my musical skills.

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My quandary is more about what I want spend my life doing: struggling to make ends meet as a musician, or potentially struggling to be happy as a doctor or at some other job. Its been emphasized to me that studying something in school and doing something in the real world is very different. Just not sure what to do. Thanks for the response. The challenge is in finding good support systems that can help you look even more deeply into these questions. And to get education, skills, experience that will help point you in the right next direction realizing that directions do change.

We hope there are some good advisers at your school to talk with. Working in music is not a linear path and most newly-graduated musicians as well as many experienced ones find they need to have several income streams. They also must learn the skills and mindset of entrepreneurship, how to be flexible, and how to be diverse in what they can do.

They often have to take on a non-music job to support their music.

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So passion for music must be a driving force. Here as in, I write my own songs, compose my own music, and I also cover a lot of songs on my YouTube, Instagram, and my Facebook page. I want to make it as a solo artist, and eventually I may even decide to get other musicians involved. So I would really appreciate some direction on what to major in so I grow my knowledge in music and learn to create better music.

I have taken music theory classes such as Aural Perception and Structure of Music. I want to figure out exactly what I want to do as far as a career.

Any advice? Working in music industry the arena in which it sounds like you want to work is demanding and competitive. I love composing my own music and I love to sing. I plan to be a band director and or a private tutor for woodwinds and the piano. If possible, I would like to major where you learn all instruments in an ensemble and to be a band director.

Please, tell me your thoughts about this : thank you. Look at summer music programs such as those on MajoringInMusic. Find ways to get leadership roles in your school band. Keep practicing and getting as many performance opportunities as you can. It sounds like music education with an emphasis on instrumental conducting could be a path to explore.

There are no guaranteed jobs in any field. Keep pursuing your passions and your strengths, and remain open to the many possible paths you will discover while in school.

Beyond sound: the college and career guide in music technology

Any suggestions on what I should consider? We recommend you consider taking summer music programs where you can study different genres of vocal music. Also talk with vocal coaches and choral music teachers to learn about their careers. Note that even if you go in the direction of popular music and songwriting or vocal jazz, a strong foundation in music theory and music history and some background in classical voice will all serve you well.

Hello, I am a Senior in highschool and have been on the wall about what I want to major in college. I play Bass Trombone and I like others am curious if it is possible to double major in both Music Education as well Performance. I want to teach but I also want to perform at a high level on my instrument. Ive been asking around and am stuck on what to do. Many students double major in Music Education and Performance. I want to keep playing cello for a long time and plan to make a career out of it.

I thought about music therapy, music education, and music performance. I considered being a music educator but also playing in symphonies on the side. What are your thoughts on what I should do?